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Death Road to Canada is a Permadeath Randomized Road Trip Simulator. You manage a group of survivors through decision making events as you travel from Florida to Ontario, Canada. This is mixed in with exploring, sneaking around, or fighting in randomly generated cities and other locations.Scavenge for supplies, find survivors, and deal with massive hordes of classic-style zombies. Recruit up to four survivors with their own random names, appearances, personalities, and quirks that can both help and hinder your journey to safety. Make your own characters to put in the game, and customize them to be based on whoever you’d like.

Unlock the thrilling adventure of Death Road to Canada on your PC with! Embark on an unforgettable journey across post-apocalyptic landscapes, battling hordes of zombies and making tough decisions that shape your fate. This EU Steam CD Key guarantees access to a gripping survival game loved by gamers worldwide. Get ready for heart-pounding action, intense decision-making, and endless fun – all with the confidence of!

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Windows minimum requirements

Windows</br>OS: Windows 7, XP, Vista, 8, and newer </br>Processor: 1.3 ghz </br>Memory: 128 MB RAM </br>Storage: 60 MB available space</br>

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