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1 in stock

Wandersong takes you on a whimsical, musical journey across the globe. Eons ago, the goddess Eya put the universe into motion with her music–now, as she does every epoch or so, she’s going to sing a new song and reset existence. You play as a lowly bard tasked with finding the pieces of a mysterious melody called the Earthsong, which is said to be able to preserve the planet. Use your singing to help characters, solve puzzles, and save the world!

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PlayStation 4



Windows minimum requirements

Windows</br>OS: 7+</br>Processor: Not that intense</br>Memory: 512 MB RAM</br>Graphics: Not that good</br>DirectX: Version 9.0</br>Storage: 2 GB available space</br>Additional Notes: This game is very good</br>

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