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Hyperspeed Steam CD Key


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"Hyperspeed is a thrilling and revolutionary racing game. The live video brings players together for a face to face battle. They put their Gamefaces on and communicate through live video as they try to prevail. The pilots can play against friends or anyone in the world and take part in an interplanetary battle.They will need nerves of steel to control their starships as the speed increases and increases until eventually one of the players crashes. Real-Time Gameplay Go head-to-head against your friends or anyone around the globe in real-time. You can even talk to your opponents while you try to outrun them. Have a friendly conversation with people you just met or even try to effect your opponent’s concentration. Power-Ups Use Power-ups to add to the excitement of the game and come with great advantage. Power-ups can come to your aid – but you can also use them to attack your opponents’ Starship. Gamefaces Express yourself with one of our stunning AR Gamefaces. From a collection of dozens Gamefaces, you are sure to find one that matches your style. Missions & Ranks With our Missions you will also have the opportunity to compete against yourself. Complete the missions and rise through the ranks. Each rank even comes with an impressive title. Leaderboards You are not only going head to head against a single opponent, you are competing against the whole galaxy. With our separate leaderboards you can easily follow the progress of your friends as well as local racers from your city. Chat Between games you can chat with your friends and even schedule your next race."

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