Iron Warriors: T – 72 Tank Command Steam CD Key


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The most devastating mechanized armor to ever roll onto a battlefield is brought to life in Iron Warriors: T72-Tank Command. This epic combat simulator allows the player to command an entire platoon of tanks and ALL associated support units, or assume the role of ANY member in a complete tank crew!The realism of both the physics and 3D engine creates game environments where real life armored tactic become the only way to survive on the today's modern battlefield.Three of Russia's most devastating and powerful tanks ever produced are yours to control; the T – 34-85, T-55A and T-72B. Roll these mechanized monsters through 18 campaigns, 2 training missions, 5 single player missions and 3 multiplayer (LAN) missions. Master your tank and crew and you will soon take command of other units that round out your mechanized platoon. Cooperative multi-player support allows gamers to team up as a tank crew and play different positions within the same tank! Roll into battle on some of the most realistic terrain maps ever modeled; real weather, destructible terrain and detailed models. Ballistics models take into effect: wind, shell, aerodynamic flight characteristics, barrel wear and droop! Powerful mission editor, map editor, and structure editor included; modify existing content or create your own.

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