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BloodRayne: Betrayal is a 2011 side-scrolling action-adventure game. It is the third title in the BloodRayne series. Unlike the previous 3D hack 'n slash games before it, this game is a 2D side scroller with HD graphic sprites and very bloody attacks. It's unknown whether or not the game takes place in the same continuity as the rest of the series as its story seems self-contained. The game has a high level of difficulty, comparable to that of games such as Ninja Gaiden and some of the achievements require hours of work to achieve. BloodRayne: Betrayal received very polarized critical reception. Whereas some reviewers, such as those writing for Joystiq[11] and IGN[9] praised the challenge of it, others, such as GameSpot,[8] felt it was too frustrating. Jim Sterling, reviews editor for Destructoid, went so far as putting it on his top 10 worst games of 2011 for its terrible controls and handling and obscene amount of enemies thrown at the player.[12]

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