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Bot Vice Steam CD Key


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4 in stock

Show off your skills & reflexes in this frantic single screen gallery shooter, inspired by titles like Time Crisis and Wild Guns. You play as Erin Saver, carrying out her personal vendetta against the criminal Wildbots. Fast arcade action. Pure gameplay. No filler.The clock is ticking… Literally!Your time to beat this adventure is limited. This feature is the most critical one of the game. If you have N minutes to beat all the missions and you only reach stage 24 before running out of time, stage 25 will remain locked and inaccessible. You’ll have to replay previous stages (any stage, at any time, whenever you want) in order to obtain better clear times, gaining extra seconds to unlock the next stages.It’s all about understanding and mastering Erin’s small but useful set of moves and weapons, and knowing all enemy patterns. That’s the only way you’ll reach the end of the adventure. This is our challenge to you.

Unleash your inner sharpshooter and dive into an adrenaline-fueled, futuristic world with Bot Vice Steam CD Key from 1gamestop.eu! This action-packed game combines fast-paced shooting mechanics with jaw-dropping visuals, bringing you on a thrilling journey where every bullet counts. With its immersive gameplay and intense challenges, this is the ultimate opportunity to prove your skills and dominate the battlefield. Get ready to experience heart-pounding action like never before – claim your Bot Vice Steam CD Key now!

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Windows minimum requirements

Windows</br>OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10</br>Processor: Dual Core 1.6 GHz</br>Memory: 1 GB RAM</br>Graphics: OpenGL compatible 256MB VRAM</br>DirectX: Version 11</br>Storage: 60 MB available space</br>

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