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Huntsman: The Orphanage Steam CD Key


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13 in stock

A hybrid of horror-survival gaming and ‘creepypasta’ storytelling that delivers rich dialogue, complex characters and atmospheric settings at the same time as it takes away violence as your only way out. No blood, no gore… just good old-fashioned suspense!Huntsman: The Orphanage is an indie 3D first-person horror-mystery game, where your only equipment is your smartphone and your only weapon is your wits.Seek out the stories and search for the lost mementoes of the missing orphans, brave the hedge-maze to deliver each item to its original owner’s memorial to help set them free. Explore the old Orphanage buildings and grounds as you investigate the legend of The Huntsman and discover the truth of the children's disappearances, but beware of Huntsman himself – he still stalks the hallways and mazes… and his embrace is inescapable!

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