Radical Spectrum: Volume 1 Steam CD Key


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2 in stock

A band of aliens led by the careless Prince FaceBox have invaded the future city of Nucleusport, bombarding it with radioactive waste from their own polluted planet. Only one man has the tech and the cojones to fight back. Take on the role of Doc DuBrane and wield his super-powerful Prisma Cannon in this endless arcade-style shooter. Absorb the radiation dropped by the alien ships and fire it right back in their stupid faces.  Radical Spectrum is a classically-inspired arcade game with infinitely increasing speed and difficulty, featuring a unique color-collecting mechanic that adds a light puzzle element. It will require you to focus your attention on multiple things at once, as the bottom of the screen becomes an ever-changing and increasingly difficult bullet-hell landscape, while the ultimate goal keeps flying around the top of the screen. And don't forget about the deadly black radiation coursing through the grid. One drop of that and the whole place is toast.

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