Total War: Warhammer – Norsca DLC Steam CD Key


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The Norsca Race Pack adds two new playable factions to Total War: Warhammer, with new Legendary Lords, unique units, quests and mechanics. A Norscan campaign is one of relentless pillage and ruination. Their principle sources of income are raiding and sacking. This lends itself to a very mobile and combative playstyle – always keeping your armies on the move and often in contention with other factions. Razing settlements enables you to erect monoliths to the dark gods of Norsca… and the gods always reward the faithful! In battle, Norscan armies are swift and vicious, featuring a backbone of increasingly fierce and more heavily armed Marauder infantry units. With the right buildings in place, they can also recruit a wide array of monstrous units such as Trolls, Fimir Warriors, Norscan Ice Wolves and Skin Wolves. At the top of the tree are the Frost-Wyrm and the colossal War Mammoth.

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