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It’s even more intense sensations from driving through the rally special stages. It’s more dynamics, adrenaline and satisfaction from cornering at extreme speeds. Narrow road, extra-tight corners, and hundreds of your decisions per minute. That’s what Xtreme is. In Xtreme we modeled all of the world’s most dangerous and extreme special stages. Off the beaten track in Malaysia, up the mountain hairpins in Monte Carlo, and through the ultra-narrow forest vistas of Great Britain… bumps, cliffs, potholes, dodges and crests – split seconds decide everything. A portion of additional excitement derives from the phenomenal car damage model. Each damage type influences the car driving physics differently. Car’s Power and velocity. Xtreme accelerates the pulse rate, increases the blood pressure and is very addictive. At the fast corners you’re balancing on the verge of fear; in a split of a second the instincts guide you… Apart from a classic rally Xtreme offers new extreme racing modes with harsh off-road 4×4 monster clashes. Extremely fast, brutal and dirty races off the beaten track…

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